Featured Podcast

HDCS is excited to be featured in various Podcasts about the status of laws and regulations regarding the cannabis industry.


EisnerAmper Podcast with Becky Postar and Eric Alstadter

Listen to HDCompliance’s COO, Becky Postar with Eric Alstadter on EisnerAmper’s CannaCast where they discuss cannabis banking, the cannabis industry and pending legislation. 

Green Peak Podcast with Becky Postar and HDCS client Southwest Capital

Listen to HDCS’s COO Becky Postar along with HDCS’s client Lonnie Talbert, COO at Southwest Capital Bank where together they discuss the HDCS solution and Southwest Capital Bank’s successful cannabis banking journey and other cannabis industry topics.   

Investor Ideas interview with HDCS

Investor Ideas interviews Becky Postar, the COO of HDCS (Higher-Risk Deposit Compliance Solutions), where we discussed the recent move from JP Morgan to no longer trade in OTC Cannabis stocks, industry banking compliance today and how it is evolving as well as how banking for the cannabis sector is expected to evolve and expand with growing demand and regulatory changes.  

Seeking Alpha Podcast with HDCS

The Seeking Alpha Podcast (the largest investing community in the world) interviews HDCS’s COO, Becky Postar in an executive panel discussion that makes sense of cannabis investing today, including the recent Republican led bill, JPMorgan trading restrictions and SAFE banking. The panel includes Blake Schroeder, CEO of Medical Marijuana, Luis Merchan, CEO of Flora Growth and Becky Postar, COO of HD Compliance. The panel also discusses why there will always be a banking shortage in the industry, the struggle of building a nascent industry like cannabis, crypto or green energy and several other topics.

Chatting with Christine: Tech Careers and Badass Women interviews HDCS

HDCS’s COO, Becky Postar is featured in this podcast that discusses Women of Inspiration and her journeys in the Financial and Cannabis industries. 

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